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Infusionsoft advice: How to Create the Perfect Landing Page

A lot of people put hours of hard work into creating their online ads … but then totally overlook the importance of a great landing page! A great ad is the bait, but the landing page is the hook that will make your customers an offer they can’t refuse!

What is a landing page?

A landing page is the page your customers land on after they click one of your ads or calls to action. The landing page’s job is to get your customers through the final step of whatever your objective is, such as purchasing a product, signing up for an Infusionsoft campaign, downloading a book, etc.

Infusionsoft’s 7 Ingredients to Create the Perfect Landing Page

  1. Create a powerful heading that is consistent with the wording in your ad. If you ad reads “Download a FREE e-book,” you landing page headline should read something like, “Download your FREE e-book here.”
  2. Use social proof to build trust. Include things like logos for companies you work with, links to reviews from people with name recognition (When Oprah pushes a product, that product sells!), endorsements, etc.
  3. Create concise copy. Aim to keep all your copy above the fold.
  4. Use a punchy call to action such as “Get Started Now” or “Join Us Today.”
  5. Make sure your page loads quickly, even on mobile devices. Fast speeds are important to both search engine rankings and your customers.
  6. Track conversions to make sure your landing page is doing its job. If it’s not, change it!
  7. Simplicity is key. You want your readers to go from interested to captured rather quickly, without getting mired up in the details.

This Infusionsoft infographic shows how to make the perfect landing page

I found this great infographic on the Infusionsoft blog at Infusionsoft is a leader in the marketing automation industry, so the experts there know a thing or two about creating great, converting landing pages. Check it out!

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Infusionsoft infographic


Posted by: getuwired on March 20, 2014