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How to SEO your Infusionsoft Content on landing pages and web forms

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Optimizing your Infusionsoft content for the search engines is a great way to get your sites to rank higher and get more exposure for your business. By using these simple tips I found in a great article on the Infusionsoft blog, “How to Optimize Your Infusionsoft Content for Search Engines,” you can easily attract more potential customers to your business using your landing pages and web forms.

Title Tags (Meta Title) – Show ‘em what you got

A page’s title is one of the most important elements of SEO. Your title tells the search engines what is relevant on your page, and it also attracts your customers when it shows up in bold in their search results.

Your title tag needs to be less than 70 characters. You can use one or multiple keywords separated by a bar, but do not use the same keyword multiple times. Using the same keyword more than once looks like spam to both the engines and your customers. Your title tag might look something like: “Infusionsoft Content | GetUSales.”

Also, make sure all your pages have different title tags, and remember to make sure the names of your web forms and landing include keywords that match their title tags.

Meta Descriptions – The gist of your Infusionsoft content in 160 words or less

Your meta-description is the blurb that appears under your title on a SERP (search engine ranking page). Your description is a chance to put both a call to action and a keyword (which will show up in bold in search results) in front of your potential customers. Meta descriptions should be less than 160 characters. If you have trouble coming up with your own descriptions, Google’s description algorithm can do it for you.

Keywords – Not as important as you think

Keywords that you type into the keyword section don’t show up in the SERPs, and Google doesn’t consider them particularly valuable. However, the other search engines do use them, so make sure you type them in. These keywords should match the ones you’ve used in the title tag and meta-description. And remember not to use more than five keywords or the engines could mark you page as spam.

Content – Of course!

Your content has to be optimized to really have some pull in the engines. A 3-5% keyword ratio is ideal, any more than that will look spammy to the engines. Make sure to use your keywords in your headline and subheads to show the engines your relevancy.

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