Intelligent Content Delivery – the Future of Email Marketing

email marketingThe future of email marketing has arrived.

Just a few years ago, even the best email marketing was more or less a scatter-shot approach thanks to a lack of savvy automation tools and advanced analytics. In fact, even after these tool types first came on the market, it was largely reserved for the handful of corporations that could afford them.

This is no longer the case thanks to industry innovations like the affordable Infusionsoft platform and Google’s suite of tracking tools (plus there are thousands more!). The future of email marketing has arrived for small, medium, and large businesses alike as intelligent content delivery has entered the realm of feasibility.

One of the most important aspects of email marketing is sending the right information (content) to the right people at the right time. Infusionsoft’s automation tools allow you to carefully target qualified prospects so as to avoid the old guess-and-check system that dominated the web for so long.

Whether you want to send customers a thank you message after their most recent purchase or nurture a prospect through a relevant automated sales funnel, the future of email marketing is all about honing in your brand messaging.

Intelligent content delivery will allow you to:

  • Send more relevant sales emails to customers and prospects
  • Up-sell existing customers
  • Qualify prospects more accurately
  • Time your email delivery for the greatest impact

And this list is only the beginning. To learn more about making this approach work for your business, click here or call 855.834.4850.

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Posted by: getuwired on January 20, 2014